RAID Cards

Mark Bucciarelli mark at
Thu Jun 30 21:13:05 GMT 2005

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 04:48:18PM -0400, Simon wrote:

> Just because there is no monitoring tool available due to lack of
> support, doesn't mean the card itself is bad. I much prefer hardware
> implementation than software.  True hardware RAID frees up a lot of
> CPU time if you have heavy IO and software just can't keep up if you
> utilize CPU intensive apps.

Why do you say hardware raid frees up "a lot of CPU time?"  Have you
measured this?

Do you have any servers that are cpu-bound instead of io-bound?

I am having this exact discussion with my business partner at the
moment--he is also a proponent of hardware raid.  I don't see the big
win in hardware raid.

I should probably search the archives, I sure this topic has been
covered in detail before ...


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