RAID Cards

Simon simon at
Thu Jun 30 20:44:49 GMT 2005

Just because there is no monitoring tool available due to lack of support, doesn't
mean the card itself is bad. I much prefer hardware implementation than software.
True hardware RAID frees up a lot of CPU time if you have heavy IO and software
just can't keep up if you utilize CPU intensive apps.

The sad fact is most manufacturers don't receive enough FreeBSD demand to
support it :-( I wish and keep waiting for this to change one day. I would be very
happy then, but until then...


On Thu, 30 Jun 2005 13:09:05 -0700, Danny Howard wrote:

>Bob Bomar wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> I am looking to build a new file server.  I have used
>> Promise cards exclusivly in the past, but I am looking
>> at Highpoint cards for this machine.  Anybody have any
>> opinions on RAID cards? 
>My 2c: RAID cards suck, because they are difficult to monitor consistently.
>For a lot of my systems, I've been deploying gmirror, which can mirror a 
>pair of drives, even at the system level.  Works great, easy to monitor 
>through standard tools, no firmware / driver / kernel version / userland 
>conflicts and generally better performance.
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