Installing Apache 2 with custom options

Nicholas Henry nicholas.henry at
Thu Jun 30 19:12:47 GMT 2005

Thanks for your help, Alex. I found what I was looking for here:

If was the:



On 6/30/05, Alex Zbyslaw <xfb52 at> wrote:
> Nicholas Henry wrote:
> >Thank you for your reply. I guess I was under the assumption that the
> >Apache port would come "pre-configured" with some options. So I didn't
> >want to do a "configure" and overwrite what is there. So can you
> >confirm that it isn't pre-configured anyway? Are any of the ports have
> >configurations set?
> >
> >
> I'm still not clear what you mean by "pre-configured".  Do you mean
> "comes with a standard configuration file for when it runs" then, yes it
> does, though you will have to edit it to suit your needs.  Since you
> have the port installed, you must have done this.
> If you mean "does it pick some standard options at compile time", then
> yes, it probably does, but obviously it did not include the proxy module
> you wanted, so you will have to do something when you make apache2 to
> get it added.  If I remember correctly, if you just type "make
> show-options" and it will tell you what to do.
> Many ports do have pre-defined, standard, compile-time options which
> they use.  Other ports will stop and ask you which of the many options
> you want to choose.  In both cases, *something* is picked as the
> default, but it may not be what you want.  Since your original question
> was about installing the proxy module, my suggestion was not just to add
> that, but also to look at the other modules *now* and add any you
> reasonably think you *might* need just to save installing all over again.
> Apache is about the most complicated port, with respect to the
> compile-time options, that you may ever install.  There are so many
> bells, whistles, alternatives and other hoopla, that it makes sense to
> see what there is and try and take some informed guesstimates at which
> of those you want.  Get it right once and you can forget about it.
> See my previous message for how to make sure that portupgrade will use
> the same options, if you ever need to remake the port.
> Hope that helps,
> --Alex
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