Installing Apache 2 with custom options

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Jun 30 14:32:35 GMT 2005

Nicholas Henry wrote:

>Thank you for your reply. I guess I was under the assumption that the
>Apache port would come "pre-configured" with some options. So I didn't
>want to do a "configure" and overwrite what is there. So can you
>confirm that it isn't pre-configured anyway? Are any of the ports have
>configurations set?
I'm still not clear what you mean by "pre-configured".  Do you mean 
"comes with a standard configuration file for when it runs" then, yes it 
does, though you will have to edit it to suit your needs.  Since you 
have the port installed, you must have done this.

If you mean "does it pick some standard options at compile time", then 
yes, it probably does, but obviously it did not include the proxy module 
you wanted, so you will have to do something when you make apache2 to 
get it added.  If I remember correctly, if you just type "make 
show-options" and it will tell you what to do.

Many ports do have pre-defined, standard, compile-time options which 
they use.  Other ports will stop and ask you which of the many options 
you want to choose.  In both cases, *something* is picked as the 
default, but it may not be what you want.  Since your original question 
was about installing the proxy module, my suggestion was not just to add 
that, but also to look at the other modules *now* and add any you 
reasonably think you *might* need just to save installing all over again.

Apache is about the most complicated port, with respect to the 
compile-time options, that you may ever install.  There are so many 
bells, whistles, alternatives and other hoopla, that it makes sense to 
see what there is and try and take some informed guesstimates at which 
of those you want.  Get it right once and you can forget about it.

See my previous message for how to make sure that portupgrade will use 
the same options, if you ever need to remake the port.

Hope that helps,


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