Moving Files to new hardware

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Jun 30 14:38:35 GMT 2005

Jerry McAllister wrote:

>>Is it possible to copy the files from the old server already online 
>>directly to this new server using broadband? What do I need to know 
>>and do to accomplish this? I appreciate any other insight in 
>>transitioning this change over/
>Well, presuming your setup allows both machines to be online at the
>same time - two different connections or internal network or whatever,
>then sure.  It is easy.   Either FTP(1) or SCP(1) work just fine for one 
>time transfers.   There are some others that are good for keeping the 
>two systems up-to-date with each other if you want to do it frequently.
You could also investigate rsync (or rdist, or is that deprecated now?) 
which can save you bandwidth if you regularly update one machine from 


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