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Thu Jun 30 13:18:28 GMT 2005

> Hi Guys:
> This is my first question after subscribing .. that makes me the newest 
> fool on the block ..:)

No fool like an old fool...
eg, no new fool can be as foolish as one who has had experience at it.

First, please break your line at around 72 characters.  This makes it
much easier for replies.   Most Email clients can be set for this and,
if yours can't, just hit the RETURN/ENTER key about then.

> I have a FreeBSD 5.0 box online currently. I have just bought a new 
> hardware to replace the existing one online. The new box I am building 
> is sitting in my basement on a broadband connection. I am using router 
> on this home network. My new box can go out on the internet using lynx. 
> I have done no further configuration at this point which is why I am 
> sending you this.
> Is it possible to copy the files from the old server already online 
> directly to this new server using broadband? What do I need to know 
> and do to accomplish this? I appreciate any other insight in 
> transitioning this change over/

Well, presuming your setup allows both machines to be online at the
same time - two different connections or internal network or whatever,
then sure.  It is easy.   Either FTP(1) or SCP(1) work just fine for one 
time transfers.   There are some others that are good for keeping the 
two systems up-to-date with each other if you want to do it frequently.

Just either transfer the files you want with SCP or FTP.
If there are a lot of them such as a whole directory, then use tar
to roll them in to one file and transfer that file using SCP or FTP.
Then use tar to unroll the file in to the new location.
If it is a whole filesystem, such as if you make a /work or a /home
you might prefer to use dump(8) to roll it all in to a single file
and then transfer the file and then use restore(8) to unroll it
in the new file system.   It all is easy  straight forward and works well.


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> Ketamia
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