Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at dial.pipex.com
Thu Jun 30 13:02:02 GMT 2005

Anthony M. Agelastos wrote:

> On Jun 30, 2005, at 5:29 AM, Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
>> markzero wrote:
>>> Oh the joys of binary drivers.
>>> I awake from a peaceful slumber after a portupgrade to find that
>>> I suddenly no longer have X. [...]
>>> (WW) The NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro GPU installed in
>>> (WW)      this system is supported through the NVIDIA Legacy
>>> (WW)      drivers. Please visit
>>> (WW)      http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html for more
>>> (WW)      information.  The 1.0-7667 NVIDIA driver will ignore this
>>> (WW)      GPU.  Continuing probe... (EE) No devices detected.
>>> The NVIDIA Legacy drivers magically fail to exist on the NVIDIA
>>> site and there appears no be no port for them either.
>> Can you use the x.org "nv" driver instead?  I've never really  
>> figured out what the binary driver buys you over the standard one,  
>> but then all I do is run X with fvwm2, mainly for software  
>> development, so I have never needed any "fancy" features.  (I've  
>> never had a TNT2, but I believe it's supported).
>> Man nv says under supported cards:
>>          RIVA TNT2             NV5
> I am having the same problem with a RIVA TNT card. Changing the  
> driver from nvidia to nv in /etc/X11/xorg.conf allows me to enter  
> X11. This is all unfortunate, however. These binary drivers provide  
> GLX extensions to X11 for NVIDIA cards (so I could type glxgears at  
> the prompt and have it actually do something). I hope this site  
> exists soon and someone makes a port for it; I enjoyed knowing that  
> if I needed to play an OpenGL game that wasn't too hardcore, I could  
> do it with this computer (I could actually play Quake 3 pretty well  
> with those drivers).

As far as I understand, the *only* people who can make that driver 
exists again are NVidia.  I suggest you contact them and ask why they 
removed support for your graphics card.  I don't expect that they will 
care or do anything, but they certainly won't if you don't tell them.


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