Device access - /dev/ipnat

Abu Khaled khaled.abu at
Thu Jun 30 06:58:47 GMT 2005

On 6/29/05, Odhiambo Washington <wash at> wrote:
> Hello FreeBSD lovers,
> In the current FreeBSD ports, squid-2.5STABLE10 has a patch that allows
> it to run without dying even though it does not have access to
> /dev/ipnat.
> This access is important where squid is running in a transparent proxy
> setup.
> I am running several FreeBSD 5.x boxes with squid in transparent proxy
> mode, so this problem is a big one for me.
> The patch seems to be a workaround, but I'd really like to give squid
> access to this device anyway.
> My thinking was that I can solve the problem of access to /dev/ipnat
> using /etc/devfs.conf. However, my reading of the comments in this file
> does not give me any clear method of achieving what I want.
> Am I right in my thinking that /dev/ipnat device is created on the fly
> in FreeBSD 5.x? As such I cannot change the permissions on it, yes?
> How do I solve my problem, if anyone can advise me? It will server as
> my first lesson with devices in 5.x.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Wash

execute the following to enable squid to access /dev/ipnat
# chgrp squid /dev/ipnat
# chmod g+rw /dev/ipnat

Add them to /etc/rc.local to execute them on boot/restart
chgrp squid /dev/ipnat
chmod g+rw /dev/ipnat

Kind regards
Abu Khaled

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