waiting 15 seconds for scsi devices to settle

Scott Neville Scott at worldsofwar.co.uk
Tue Jun 28 20:36:03 GMT 2005

I still have the problem of waitinf 15 seconds for the SCSI devices to settle on my 1850R proliant server.  I have tried erasing the system and using SCO UNIX, DOS5 and Other as the operating systems.  I have tried apci enabled and disabled and I have checked to ensure the drives work (which they do).  All of this has had no effect on the problem of the waiting for 15 seconds which never end.  I am using the 3200 controler that comes with the proliant server and the drive cage is not fully populated (2/4).  If anyone has any other suggestions of how to fix this problem, then please let me know.  

Many thanks

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