Booting FreeBSD 5.3 CDROM

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Tue Jun 28 19:51:17 GMT 2005

5.3 is a development version.
It's known to have bugs.
You should be using 5.4 the current stable production version to get
support here.
It would help your cry for help if you told us
about what PC hardware you are using?

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Subject: Booting FreeBSD 5.3 CDROM

	I've gotten 3 copies of  FreeBSD 5.3  (I don't know if they are
and I'm not really interested).  When booting each of them I get
essentially the
same messages, which I will list here:

Verifying DMI Pool Data  .........
Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM:
CD Loader 1.2
Building the boot loader arguments
Relocating the loader and the BTX

	I waited over 8 minutes for anything else after this and got
The hard-disk access-light was on all this time.
	I wanted to create slices and load  FreeBSD 5.3  onto the hard
which (as I recall) has to be done from the booting of the  CD-ROM .
 CD-ROMs  defective?  Am I missing something?  How do I get to make
and load  FreeBSD 5.3 ?
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