Freebsd 5.4 cannot fetch xfree86?

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Mon Jun 27 16:56:32 GMT 2005

perikillo wrote:

>  Hi to all.
>    I install freebsd 5.4 Release, with xorg i have problems with my
>kbd, and i decide to install the old friend XFree86-4, i read the
>handbook about, the example say:
>test# pkg_add -r XFree86
>   But my system dosent found nothing, the answer is something about
>"Cannot fetch xfree86 packages from
You can use the PACKAGESITE variable to get pkg_add to go where you
want.  This next line can be done a whole  bunch of different ways, but
it's the most general, but I have crafted this for my own system, which
is a amd64, so it points there.  If you don't see this, and change this
to point to your own system's architecture, yu're on your own if you
mess things up:

/usr/sbin/pkg_add -f -r ${PKG_TARGET}

>   There is something else i need to do? or where i can change the
>default URL? OR wich URL have those pakages ? Any help i will
>    Thanks to all.
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