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Mon Jun 27 11:13:22 GMT 2005

On Sunday, June 26, 2005 11:22:19 PM "Ted Mittelstaedt" <tedm at> wrote:

$>>Thanks to several individuals, I have almost gotten my Apache2 server
$>>working. Almost, but not quite.
$>>My ISP blocks port 80; therefore I am using a redirect from
$>> to
$>>redirect to an alias using port 9545.
$>No, you are not.  You cannot redirect to a specific port using
$>the DNS system.
$>Currently has pointing to IP address
$>If that is your IP address then hosts on the Internet that query
$> will go to port 80 on that IP address.  If that isn't
$>your IP number then it must be an IP address of a webhost that will
$>issue a HTTP redirect when it gets a query to port 80 on your
$>>The '' redirects to ''
$>>>From my FreeBSD box, if I type: lynx, I see the
$>>following message: Using The
$>>connection is
$>>made and the index.htm file is displayed.
$>>However, I am unable to reach this site from any other computer.
$>>Eventually, the request will time out and I receive an error message
$>>telling me that the site is not available.
$>>I am not sure what I am doing wrong at this point.
$>You need to contact the support department of your ISP.  I don't
$>understand why you think that your ISP is just blocking port 80 and
$>not any other port.  There are firewalls out there nowadays smart
$>enough to see an incoming HTTP request and block it no matter what
$>port it's coming in on.  If your ISP is blocking port 80 that probably
$>means you haven't paid for an enhanced account that will allow you
$>to run a server.  If that is the case and your ISP is making money off
$>allowing ports to be open for customers, then I would think that they
$>probably have one of those firewalls setup that blocks incoming
$>HTTP get requests no matter what port they come in on.

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Monday, June 27, 2005 7:00:20 AM

I contacted DynDNS, and they stated that any requests for ''
were being redirected to ''. However, the good news
is that the site has suddenly come online. I have no idea why though.
Gerard E. Seibert
gerard-seibert at

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