Still trying to get my site up!

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>Subject: Still trying to get my site up!
>Thanks to several individuals, I have almost gotten my Apache2 server
>working. Almost, but not quite.
>My ISP blocks port 80; therefore I am using a redirect from
> to
>redirect to an alias using port 9545.

No, you are not.  You cannot redirect to a specific port using
the DNS system.

Currently has pointing to IP address
If that is your IP address then hosts on the Internet that query will go to port 80 on that IP address.  If that isn't
your IP number then it must be an IP address of a webhost that will
issue a HTTP redirect when it gets a query to port 80 on your

>The '' redirects to ''
>>From my FreeBSD box, if I type: lynx, I see the
>following message: Using The
>connection is
>made and the index.htm file is displayed.
>However, I am unable to reach this site from any other computer.
>Eventually, the request will time out and I receive an error message
>telling me that the site is not available.
>I am not sure what I am doing wrong at this point.

You need to contact the support department of your ISP.  I don't
understand why you think that your ISP is just blocking port 80 and
not any other port.  There are firewalls out there nowadays smart
enough to see an incoming HTTP request and block it no matter what
port it's coming in on.  If your ISP is blocking port 80 that probably
means you haven't paid for an enhanced account that will allow you
to run a server.  If that is the case and your ISP is making money off
allowing ports to be open for customers, then I would think that they
probably have one of those firewalls setup that blocks incoming
HTTP get requests no matter what port they come in on.


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