FireFox is beeping at me! a question

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Sun Jun 26 21:38:58 GMT 2005

Chris O'Dell wrote:

>here's the issue i'm having.  i just installed a new video card and
>firefox has decided to start making weird beeping and almost hissing
>noises when i have an audio application running.  for example, i use
>winamp and firefox with tabbed browsing and whenever i select another
>tab, it makes an annoying beep.  do you have any suggestions and can
>you explain what you originally wrote?!?  thanks for your help
If you just installed a new video card without changing Firefox in any 
way, then I think the problem is not related to Firefox, but to your 
hardware.  Perhaps the video card interferes with the audio card in some 
way.  Someone might be able to help you with that if you can say what 
the video and audio cards are.  Especially your comment about hissing 
makes this sound like something audio-card related.  Can you try any 
other applications which use your audio card?  Play an audio CD, for 

[Actually, I'm only *sure* this is true for Mozilla, but given how 
closely related it is to Firefox, I expect this to be true for it as well].
As to my original post.  If you make Firefox from a port, it asks you 
some questions about options.  If you deliberately or accidentally (easy 
to do) select the "Debugging" option, then Firefox will beep at you a 
lot.  It beeps every time it comes across a supposed "error", and it 
seems to find one of those in just about everything you do.  This was 
how it was for me with Mozilla under 4.11, when I actually did want to 
see debugging information.  You can check if this is your problem by 
looking in the file /var/db/ports/firefox/options.  If it contains the line



then this is why Firefox is beeping (not sure which line it would be, 
but probably the latter).  You can fix this by removing the file and 
reinstalling Firefox being careful not to select the debugging option.  
If you use portupgrade, you can do that with

    portupgrade -f www/firefox

However, unless you installed or upgraded Firefox *after* you changed 
the video card, then I don't think this is the answer you are looking for.

Hope that helps,


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