PartitionMagic question

Iavor Raytchev pobox at
Sun Jun 26 11:45:37 GMT 2005

Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
> Iavor Raytchev wrote:
>> When I run PartitionMagic it reported 3 errors - different LBA and CHS 
>> values - the errors are on the first sector of the FreeBSD partitions 
>> and on the first sectors of the next two partitions (seeing from the 
>> LBA). PartitionMagic says in all 3 cases that the LBA and CHS values 
>> are different. In all 3 cases the CHS value is the same - 15483887 
>> (drive geometry is 5168/240/63). After PartitionMagic repairs the 
>> errors everything is OK. Both OS boot well.
>> My questions are -
>> a) does somebody know why the errors appear?
>> b) is the installation safe after the errors are fixed?
> I can't tell you why PM reports these errors except to say that it has 
> done it to me on every disk I have ever used it on (all of 3 :-)).  
> However, I always choose to ignore PM and *not* let it "fix" anything.  
> Everything works perfectly for me without being "fixed" so I'd rather 
> not take the risk.
> --Alex

Yes, I forgot to mention that it happens every time - all 3 (I did the 
installation about a dozen times). OK it's good to know that I am not 
the only one with the problem. I'll take the opposite approach and let 
them fixed (I am still just playing) so that we can make also "the 
other" experience. Thanks nevertheless.


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