PartitionMagic question

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Sat Jun 25 23:11:03 GMT 2005

Iavor Raytchev wrote:

> When I run PartitionMagic it reported 3 errors - different LBA and CHS 
> values - the errors are on the first sector of the FreeBSD partitions 
> and on the first sectors of the next two partitions (seeing from the 
> LBA). PartitionMagic says in all 3 cases that the LBA and CHS values 
> are different. In all 3 cases the CHS value is the same - 15483887 
> (drive geometry is 5168/240/63). After PartitionMagic repairs the 
> errors everything is OK. Both OS boot well.
> My questions are -
> a) does somebody know why the errors appear?
> b) is the installation safe after the errors are fixed?

I can't tell you why PM reports these errors except to say that it has 
done it to me on every disk I have ever used it on (all of 3 :-)).  
However, I always choose to ignore PM and *not* let it "fix" anything.  
Everything works perfectly for me without being "fixed" so I'd rather 
not take the risk.


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