Printing to OSX shared printer?

Your Name bg271828 at
Fri Jun 24 14:19:02 GMT 2005

i have CUPS set up on my FreeBSD 4.11 box, but i've
never used it (i've never printed at all from this

i want to bring this computer into a home network with
Macs running OSX. if you bring a Mac into this
it sees all the printers that are avaibale and you can
select one to print to, andit just works. is there a
to do this with CUPS, or do i have to figure out the
netowrk address of the shared printer and all that
stuff? i'm running GNOME also--is there any printer
utility with that? (i dont see one).

i'm looking for the simplest answer to printing from
this, not trying to do anything fancy.



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