NAT router confusion

Ulf Magnusson ulfma629 at
Thu Jun 23 23:43:10 GMT 2005

I connect to the Internet through a NAT router serving two hosts, both
with addresses on the same local network (192.168.0\24). 

How does this work? Can hosts connected to different router interfaces
really be on the same network (provided the router is in the only path
between the two systems)? 

What about broadcast messages on the network, aren't those blocked by
routers? Does the router make an exception when it sees that the
broadcast is for a network it is connected to through multiple
interfaces (I noticed that only UDP packets sent to the network
broadcast address,, propagate to all hosts, while packets
sent to don't)? 

Is this router really some switch/router hybrid? Or..? Bleh, someone
please sort this out for me. I realize this isn't strictly
FreeBSD-related, but I simply couldn't think of a better place to pick
brains, so I hope I'll be excused :)


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