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Subhro subhro.kar at
Thu Jun 23 16:01:56 GMT 2005

On 6/23/2005 20:24, Daniel Gonzalez wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone could provide me an answer to the
>following questions. Please keep in mind that by default I learned Unix
>on a Linux system, so... please no flames :(.
Flames??!! What for? Buddy we have better work to do than say "My OS 
superior than yours":-) Both Linux and *BSD are great OS.

> 1) Is there any sort of configuration interface (ncurses, X, etc),
>or am I 'stuck' with 'manually configuring' a textfile?
Configuration for what? Some applications do have some kind of GUI 
(ncurses maybe) interface. But text files work everywhere. Also more 
convenient when you are on a low bandwidth remote terminal.

>FreeBSD system. Check out SWAT or 
>I think there may be something called Webmin?
Yeh Webmin is a tool. But you need lots of things to work right (for 
example, apache, a few libraries) to ensure that you can even start up 

> 2) Is there a complete list of features which can be enabled for the
>kernel, other what was in the GENERIC configuration file?
Of course. Refer to the NOTES (LINT in 4.* family).


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