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Daniel Gonzalez spammesilly at
Thu Jun 23 14:54:16 GMT 2005

I was wondering if anyone could provide me an answer to the
following questions. Please keep in mind that by default I learned Unix
on a Linux system, so... please no flames :(.

I was a Slackware devotee for about 4 years and a SuSe user for 2
before moving to FreeBSD. Nothing wrong with cutting your teeth on a Linux
system to get comfortable with a "Unix-like" OS. One thing I found out by
switching to FreeBSD is the documentation (online/print) is far superior to 
what's out there for Linux.

 1) Is there any sort of configuration interface (ncurses, X, etc),
or am I 'stuck' with 'manually configuring' a textfile?

That depends on what you want to configure. I prefer using editors on the 
files as I
seem to better understand the programs I'm configuring. Check ports/packages 
to see if there are GUIs.
Chances are that there will be some sort of GUIs for configuring most of a 
FreeBSD system. Check out SWAT or 
I think there may be something called Webmin?

 2) Is there a complete list of features which can be enabled for the
kernel, other what was in the GENERIC configuration file?

The FreeBSD handbook section on rebuilding kernels, I believe refers you to 
the "NOTES" section under the /usr/src directory
which will list options to be added to the kernel for extra performance 
tweaks for your specific system/processor.

 3) What is needed for the FreeBSD kernel and what modules need to be
compiled in order to use IDE CD-burning. In linux previous to kernel
version 2.6.8 I know that SCSI was required, but now they are doing
proper IDE emulation.

Your best bet is to check out this link:
It's the same link I used to get info for IDE CD-burning on FreeBSD (5.4RC2). 
I also used the online FreeBSD Handbook which has
been an outstanding source of information on rebuilding kernels (among many 
other things).

 Thanks, I'll most likely have more questions later.

No problem with the questions. I gauge my knowledge of a subject by how well 
I can explain it to someone else

Dan Gonzalez
spammesilly at gmail dot com
IM: signulth

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