Explaining FreeBSD features

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at ibctech.ca
Thu Jun 23 15:22:17 GMT 2005

> I think, that really only questions, whose answers cannot 
> readily be found elsewhere, should be asked on this list.

I disagree. For those working in a 24x7 uptime situation and a critical
problem arises, we all now that time is of the essence. I have no
problem someone asking a reasonably descriptive question even if it is
somewhat readily available on the 'Net if they can use that 10 minutes
of search time to conduct other emergency procedures while waiting an
answer from the list.

For the most part, yes, only non-readily available answers should be
posted to the list, but there are circumstances where the list can
provide, as someone else suggested a quick RTFM, here is the link to
what you are looking for.

A new user may take this as offensive, but it only really takes reading
a handful of threads in this FBSD-q list for anyone to realize that
people do really get honest, feasable, accurate and friendly help here.

> Part of the FreeBSD education should consist of informing the 
> user how they can help themselves, and how they should seek 
> help in the event that the self-help fails. If that education 
> scheme was effectively employed, perhaps there wouldn't be as 
> many "stupid" questions.

Yes, but how does one inform the user of the self-help approach.
Obviously putting that education in the handbook would be moot as they
likely haven't read the handbook anyway ;)


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