Explaining FreeBSD features

cali calculus at softhome.net
Thu Jun 23 13:11:10 GMT 2005

> I'm not watching the entire thread, so what I write below may seem a bit
> out of context.  On the other hand, this particular post shows some of
> the few points I don't like about a stream of "RTFM" responses.
> You seem to overvalue "ridicule", IMHO.

I was trying to illustrate the ridicule case rather than explicitly advocate 
it, but perhaps I came across as being too strong of an advocate.

I'm assuming that the ridicule approach does work sometimes, personally I 
think it worked for me to some extent.

There is also the silent-ridicule approach, where it is not necessary to 
explicity ridicule the question bearer, under the assumption that the 
question bearer will eventually become self-aware of what is ridiculous, and 
hence self-ridicule and scutinise prior to posting. Clearly in some cases 
the ridicule approach can be an effective primer for this state of mind.

The ridicule approach may not be the most effective primer. In many cases 
the ridicule will result in an increase in frustration and possibly a 
reduction in the users capacity to work the answer out for themselves.

I think, that really only questions, whose answers cannot readily be found 
elsewhere, should be asked on this list.

Part of the question-bearers education, whether that be from the list, or 
from other documentation, should result in the installation of the the 
solve-it-yourself mindset in their head. So that they are more tentative in 
their approach to asking questions, they should also become better problem 
solvers and FreeBSD users as a consequence of having to think for 

Part of the FreeBSD education should consist of informing the user how they 
can help themselves, and how they should seek help in the event that the 
self-help fails. If that education scheme was effectively employed, perhaps 
there wouldn't be as many "stupid" questions.

But then again, perhaps this is the education, the self-realisation of this 
information without it explicitly being enumerated in some accesible form.


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