support for ICH6R controller and Broadcom ethernet

Jim Mozley jim.mozley at
Wed Jun 22 16:12:47 GMT 2005

scuba at wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> 	I think it's not a answer to you but here is my recent experience.
> 	I've installed FBSD 5.4 in a box with Intel ICH5R chipset.
> 	It's working, no hangs, no panics, but the disk performance on the
> second IDE disk (I'm not using RAID, just simple master/slave setup), is
> terrible.
> 	It's like the DMA was not correctly set on the second disk.
> 	I read somewhere, that FreeBSD has full support to ICH5 chipset
> but NOT for ICH5"R".
> 	Even when running in "compatibility mode" set on BIOS, the
> performance is the same.
> 	Someone told me the follwing on the performance list:
> 	"I remember a commit to the ata driver to fix misprogramming of
> DMA timing on an Intel chipset for devices and/or channels other than the
> first.  I'm not sure if 5.4 has the bug or the fix."
> 	To me it still has the bug.

OK thanks for that help.

If anyone knows anything more definitive I'd be grateful (no criticism 
of the helpful reply intended).



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