support for ICH6R controller and Broadcom ethernet

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Wed Jun 22 15:27:58 GMT 2005

Hi Jim,

	I think it's not a answer to you but here is my recent experience.
	I've installed FBSD 5.4 in a box with Intel ICH5R chipset.
	It's working, no hangs, no panics, but the disk performance on the
second IDE disk (I'm not using RAID, just simple master/slave setup), is
	It's like the DMA was not correctly set on the second disk.
	I read somewhere, that FreeBSD has full support to ICH5 chipset
but NOT for ICH5"R".
	Even when running in "compatibility mode" set on BIOS, the
performance is the same.

	Someone told me the follwing on the performance list:

	"I remember a commit to the ata driver to fix misprogramming of
DMA timing on an Intel chipset for devices and/or channels other than the
first.  I'm not sure if 5.4 has the bug or the fix."

	To me it still has the bug.

- Marcelo Souza

Jim Mozley wrote:

|I have asked this on freebsd-hardware but didn't hear anything so I
|hoped someone here could help...
|I am potentially buying a server with a Tyan Tomcat i7221 motherboard. I
|am unsure of the support in FreeBSD for the following:
|- ICH6R disk controller
|- Broadcom BCM5721 ethernet
|Ideally I would put FreeBSD 4.10 on the systems as we are already using
|this on several systems (these new servers unfortunately have to be
|different to the previous ones).
|FreeBSD 4.11 hardware compatibility says there is support for intel ICH5
|as does the ata man page for FreeBSD 4.10. I've also checked the man
|page for ata on FreeBSD 5.4 and it says up to ICH5.
|I am aware that there is Broadcom support via the bge driver, the man
|page says "provides support for various NICs based on the Broadcom
|BCM570x". Haven't found any mention of what I assume is the later
|controller and the broadcom website doesn't have any mention of a
|Freebsd driver.
|Can anyone advise on support for these in version 4.10, if I need 5.4 or
|whether they will work at all?
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- Marcelo

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