Connecting My ADSL MODEM To My FreeBSD Pc.

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Wed Jun 22 08:53:30 GMT 2005


  Have you tried setting up with userland ppp for PPPoE?  A lot
of DSL providers are unclear on the concept and label PPPoE
(RFC 2516) installations as PPPoA (RFC 2364) and vis-versa.


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>Subject: Connecting My ADSL MODEM To My FreeBSD Pc.
>Hello Friendly FreeBSD people.
>Let me get straight to the point.
>I am implimenting a FreeBSD Based Firewall.
>I have an ADSL Speedtouch 5200 Modem/Router, Currently Plugged into my
>I want to connect the ADSL modem to my FreeBSD Firewall;
>So that the FreeBSD Firewall will be creating a PPP connection
>directly to
>my ISP.
>E.g., my vr0 interface will have a PUBLIC Internet Address (IF
>My Isp Uses PPPoA, i used the instructions from the handbook;
>Using 'mpd'.
>I set the ADSL router in 'bridge' mode and connect the Ethernet cable
>from the Dsl Router/Modem to my FreeBSD Firewall. ON the Interface vr0.
>But i have little success getting the results i want. [The
>Firewall doesn't
>connect to my ISP]
>Anyone willing to give me a clue?
>Config stuff.
>#FireWall Stuff
>#vr0 Connects to DSL MODEM
>ifconfig_vr0="inet  netmask"
>    load adsl
>    new -i ng0 adsl adsl
>    set bundle authname USER******
>    set bundle password PASS***[changed]
>    set bundle disable multilink
>    set link no pap acfcomp protocomp
>    set link disable chap
>    set link accept chap
>    set link keep-alive 30 10
>    set ipcp no vjcomp
>    set ipcp ranges
>    set iface route default
>    set iface disable on-demand
>    set iface enable proxy-arp
>    set iface idle 0
>    open
>    set link type pptp
>    set pptp mode active
>    set pptp enable originate outcall
>    set pptp self
>    set pptp peer
> = vr0 interface [ firewall ]
> = dsl modem/router.
>Empty /etc/ipnat.rules; empty /etc/ipf.rules
>Multi-link PPP for FreeBSD, by Archie L. Cobbs.
>Based on iij-ppp, by Toshiharu OHNO.
>mpd: pid 523, version 3.18 (root at 20:57 16-Jun-2005)
>[adsl] ppp node is "mpd523-adsl"
>set pptp mode: unknown command. Try "help".
>[adsl] using interface ng0
>[adsl] IPCP: peer address cannot be zero
>[adsl] IFACE: Open event
>[adsl] IPCP: Open event
>[adsl] IPCP: state change Initial --> Starting
>[adsl] IPCP: LayerStart
>[adsl:adsl] [adsl] bundle: OPEN event in state CLOSED
>[adsl] opening link "adsl"...
>[adsl] link: OPEN event
>[adsl] LCP: Open event
>[adsl] LCP: state change Initial --> Starting
>[adsl] LCP: LayerStart
>[adsl] device: OPEN event in state DOWN
>pptp0: connecting to
>[adsl] device is now in state OPENING
>pptp0: connection to failed
>pptp0: killing connection with
>pptp0-0: killing channel
>[adsl] PPTP call failed
>[adsl] device: DOWN event in state OPENING
>[adsl] device is now in state DOWN
>[adsl] link: DOWN event
>[adsl] LCP: Down event
>[adsl] device: OPEN event in state DOWN
>[adsl] pausing 7 seconds before open
>[adsl] device is now in state DOWN
>pizzaboys# adsl
>anon warn[open_inetsock:pptp_callmgr.c:311]: connect: Connection refused
>anon fatal[callmgr_main:pptp_callmgr.c:123]: Could not open control
>pptp / ppp.conf file
>pizzaboys# less /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
>set log phase chat lcp ipcp ccp tun command
>set timeout 0
>enable dns
>set authname USER(*****
>set authkey PASSWD****
>set ifaddr 0 0
>add default HISADDR
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