DDS Tape problems

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Tue Jun 21 13:52:43 GMT 2005

Pavel Duda wrote:

> I've just switched tape drive for a DDS-4 and this one works fine. 
> Funny is that DDS3 drive works wo problems on my workstation with 
> Windows and same (well same type not exactly same) SCSI adapter. I 
> have also found some information that there could be problem with SCSI 
> commands queueing, but no solution for that or what it causes. Anyway 
> now I'm happy that DDS-4 in server works fine so I probably wont dig 
> deeper to find out where is the problem....

Don't blame you :-)  I guess I'll just count myself lucky that my DDS-2 
works fine (modulo heads wearing out).

Windows drivers could easily be doing something clever to compensate for 
some known (to Microsoft at least) problem with the specific tape 
drive.  Being Windows it wouldn't bother to tell you.

Glad you got something working in the end.


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