Anyone using doormand

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Tue Jun 21 13:34:21 GMT 2005

Gene wrote:

> Has anyone implemented the doorman port knocking package?
> I tried to get it going on 5.4, but when I start doormand, I can find no
> evidence of it listening to it's default port (1001).
> I've checked the config (see below) but all seems correct. I can find 
> no mention
> of doormand or port 1001 in the output of netstat or sockstat. Knocks
> have no discernible effect, telnet connections are refused, and there 
> is nothing
> in the doorman's log file.

Are you sure it's actually running?  Does it show up when you do
  ps -ax | egrep door

or not?  Does it have a debugging option?


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