Anyone using doormand

Gene listmail at
Tue Jun 21 11:42:43 GMT 2005

Has anyone implemented the doorman port knocking package?

I tried to get it going on 5.4, but when I start doormand, I can find no
evidence of it listening to it's default port (1001).
I've checked the config (see below) but all seems correct. I can find no 
of doormand or port 1001 in the output of netstat or sockstat. Knocks
have no discernible effect, telnet connections are refused, and there is 
in the doorman's log file.

Any ideas?

The file:

#  ''
interface           rl1
port                1001
waitfor             10
connection_delay_1  100000  # 1/10th second (delay is in microseconds)
connection_delay_2  2
logfile                       /var/log/doorman-messages
loglevel                    debug
pidfile                      /var/run/
guestlist                   /usr/local/etc/doormand/guestlist
firewall-add            /usr/local/etc/doormand/ipf_add
firewall-del             /usr/local/etc/doormand/ipf_delete
tag-queue-length    100000
tag-queue               /var/doorman_tag_queue
tag-db                    /var/doorman_tag_db.db

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