Correct step for setting up MBR on a windows drive?

Dmitry Mityugov dmitry.mityugov at
Tue Jun 21 08:23:39 GMT 2005

On 6/21/05, Mac Mason <mac at> wrote:
> I've got a machine with FreeBSD on it. Recently, I added another drive,
> on which I put Windows. Given that I don't really trust the Windows
> install program with my MBR, I unplugged the FreeBSD drive during the
> install.
> Now, the FreeBSD bootloader can't load windows; if I unplug the FreeBSD
> drive again, windows boots up happily, but I don't much like the idea of
> un-plugging and re-plugging drives to make things work.
> The FreeBSD bootloader notes that there are two drives installed, but
> picking either one of them results in BSD booting up, not windows.
> How do I go about teaching the FreeBSD bootloader how to boot Windows?
> ("Replace it with grub" is a reasonable answer, but I'd rather not go to
> the trouble, if it's possible)

I am having exactly the same problem, but with FreeBSD and NetWare,
and am looking for a solution to it. I did not actually unplug the
drives but just disabled the secondary IDE controller in BIOS (where
FreeBSD was installed) before installing NetWare.


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