OT: Crypyography

Josh Ockert torstenvl at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 08:06:42 GMT 2005

On 6/21/05, Olivier Nicole <on at cs.ait.ac.th> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is unrelated but if there is any cryptography guru around, I know
> the crypted text, I know the decrypted text, but I am looking for the
> algorythm, or a direction where to look for.
> Each pair is crypted then decrypted text.
> Olivier
> ^WWQFNY:(535aDF*OMH\CZB_9JD9RWGH.X\\@AUQc0A(^>Qc5/;J]X<IYV(3aA)OP:6[XaFFI6?1)>-G4Gb6Q*V^<YZ/)<
> /var/spool/avmilter/incoming/df-17453-29175713
> c2-E3I3L0]U^P0>)S:1G[$FVQ3SC?)5-^3,HG9
> /etc/avmilter.conf
> 50F<\]43+**3\A-GK/(^$<S1]@D%BS?L6T5?H\B?@AF4(@8>O0-Y`$V;,5B8STc(Ab[^>>cFF9[X-aY>,FBU6$@.23,7VY
> /var/spool/avmilter/incoming/qf-19442-10976272
> \,-NT<'_.U)_PATZ2SK_'<R-\3VM=C>=Q*O;>b\+>/<,&:aO4\G+AUD>I[(8>)YGc_R$8J:;X\/'TID;Na1A8NFR(aR?`W
> /var/spool/avmilter/incoming/qf-26690-96174225
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I don't know much about cryptography but it seems to me that it might
help to know why this would be encrypted, and how you know what's
what. If you know what made it, you might be able to find out what the
algorithm is. Also, why is it important to find the algorithm but not
the key?

I would suggest an MD5 hash or something except that I don't believe
MD5 hashes produce different-length ciphertext for same-length
plaintext. The key word is "believe" (not even "think"), because I'm
totally talking out my [EDIT].

Josh Ockert
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