DDS Tape problems

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Sun Jun 19 23:01:59 GMT 2005

How do you know it's actually writing?  Can you remove the tape and
put it in another DDS3 drive and see your files?

Are you sure your using a DDS125 tape?

Do you regularly use a cleaning cartridge on this drive?

I would also suggest you try FreeBSD 4.11 on this system - looks
like your serial ports aren't working, either.


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>Subject: DDS Tape problems
>I have problem with my DDS-3 type drive. I'm able to write on 
>it but not 
>read data back. If I try to read them I get card dump and tape drive 
>hangs up. I have tried to upgrade firmware but problem remains. Does 
>somebody have experience with this ?
>My specs :
>FreeBSD 5.2.1, generic kernel, x86 (P3), SCSI card is Adaptec AHA2940 
>and tape drive Python 04106.
>I'm attaching dmesg output.
>Thanks for any advice....
>  	Pavel Duda

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