Sun is Open Sourcing Solaris OS / FreeBSD future ?

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Fri Jun 17 17:21:57 GMT 2005

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By going email reading, I just tripped over the add of Sun-Solaris mail:

Dose it means that we may can expect that the Linux and all the BSD
community together with SUN, will grow far more together to build an
even saver and bigger competition against Billi's Window-winding game-junk ?
Can we may expect some sort of new global joint venture opportunity for
the best OS in the world ? may a beta release in 2010 as let's call it
"FreeSUN_BSD_Open-XXX_PRERELENG-0.98-p1" in witch case all the "xview"
depended ports may work again ?????

Hanno / in the future....

Sun is Open Sourcing Solaris OS
Today, June 14, 2005, is Opening Day for OpenSolaris.

Initially, the OpenSolaris project will provide the core kernel,
libraries and commands that are currently distributed with the Solaris
OS. Over time, it is expected that additional parts of the Solaris OS
will be made available through the project.

The main difference between the OpenSolaris project and the Solaris
Operating System is that the OpenSolaris project does not provide an
end-user product or complete distribution. Instead it is an open source
code base, build tools necessary for developing with the code, and an
infrastructure for communicating and sharing related information.
Support for the code will be provided by the community; Sun offers no
formal support for the OpenSolaris product in either source or binary form.

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