A question about dwnloading Ports

Greg Barniskis nalists at scls.lib.wi.us
Fri Jun 17 12:42:11 GMT 2005

子耗 wrote:
> I am a new user to Freebsd. I do not have a high speed connection, so
> I could not install softwares from ports directly. It takes me a lot
> of time. I wonder how to download the whole ports, so that I could
> download it in Net Cafe, and save it to my moible harddisk and then, I
> could install softwares after I get home. It is of no use to download
> the ports trees only. I need to download all the source codes the
> first time, and I could use cvs system to update it.

I don't think you will be able to update ports source code with CVS, 
only the core FreeBSD sources. Someone may have a recipe for mass 
downloading the ports distfiles, but I've never thought about doing 
that so I can't comment.

You might consider buying the CD or DVD release sets from 
freebsdmall.com. They come with many additional ports packages.

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