A question about dwnloading Ports

=?GB2312?B?19O6xA==?= fatcat1985 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 12:27:41 GMT 2005

I am a new user to Freebsd. I do not have a high speed connection, so
I could not install softwares from ports directly. It takes me a lot
of time. I wonder how to download the whole ports, so that I could
download it in Net Cafe, and save it to my moible harddisk and then, I
could install softwares after I get home. It is of no use to download
the ports trees only. I need to download all the source codes the
first time, and I could use cvs system to update it.

Thanks for your reply.

P.S.: I am not a native English user, and my Englishi is not good
either. You could ask me for further information if I did not describe
the question accurately.

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