(starbucks) "ssid = tmobile" and 5.x (hit-n-miss)

Bill Schoolcraft runfreebsd at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 00:07:03 GMT 2005

Hello Family,

Well sometimes I wish I had all the answers...  I need some advice.

When I proudly bring my FreeBSD-5.x laptop(s) into Starbucks, I have my
"wi0" set for "DHCP" in /etc/rc.conf and I never have consistant
handshakes with the server, same coffee shop, same everything. 
Sometimes I'm so pressed for time that I can't go through all the
"ifconfig wi0 ..." commands and I just have to reboot into
godammmmmmmmmmmed windows and it friggin works.....

FUCKING HUMILIATING..... (sorry for the adj.)

Does anyone have any supplimental arguments to /etc/rc.conf to get me
onto my account at Starbucks? 

I firmly believe one cannot: "Save Face And Ass At Same Time" hence my

Thank You :)

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