Autoinstall - install.cfg - scripting with system command

Chris Huff chuff at
Wed Jun 15 16:25:01 GMT 2005


Im having some trouble with the system command in the install.cfg file 
for autoinstalls. THe man page says the "system <command>"  command can 
be used at the end of the cfg file but I cant get it to work.

I've tried.

system "/full/path/to/prog  \"escsomequotes\" "
system "/full/path /full/path"
system "/mnt/script"
system /mnt/script
system /full/path /full/path
system "/full/path/to/prog"

Sysinstall will just say that
'system /sbin/ping blah' failed - rest of script aborted

ALT-F2 Reports the same
DEBUG: Notify : warning : NO such command ping blah

..nothing seems to work. Can someone throw me an example or a hint on 
how to get some commands or scripting going at the end of install.cfg? 
I'm on FreeBSD5.4 on Intel.


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