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Greg Barniskis nalists at
Wed Jun 15 15:46:27 GMT 2005

Dixit, Viraj wrote:
> No nothing was changed as far as I know. I usually log on as a super user through telnet and there are few others that I have also given access to as a super user. I have not tried the console yet, but what am I looking for. Thanks,

Urk. <squirm>

Logging in via telnet exposes your password in cleartext. If it 
wasn't another 'authorized' superuser who changed things, it could 
easily be that you've been cracked six ways from Sunday.

You should definitely reinstall from CD. It is very strongly 
recommended that you *always use SSH* for remote login, and that you 
don't give blanket superuser privileges to others -- give them 
discrete added privileges with sudo, and/or sink their accounts into 
a jail environment.

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