commands "w" "who" & "finger"

Dixit, Viraj Viraj.Dixit at
Wed Jun 15 15:18:30 GMT 2005

No nothing was changed as far as I know. I usually log on as a super user through telnet and there are few others that I have also given access to as a super user. I have not tried the console yet, but what am I looking for. Thanks,

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"Dixit, Viraj" <Viraj.Dixit at> writes:

> Anyone got an idea why any of these commands "w" "who" & "finger" do
> not show who is logged in. I am logged in as a super user and shows
> no one logged in. The commands used to work few days ago now
> nothing. Thanks for the help.

Did you change anything?
How are the various users logged in?  Via ssh?  On the console?  xterms?

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