Very slow printing on 5.4 with cups anh HP LaserJet 4L

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Jun 15 10:53:51 GMT 2005

Anthony M. Agelastos wrote:

> Hello. I am new to FreeBSD, so if anyone else has better advice on 
> this matter, please chime in. The only things I can think of are:
> 1. hint.ppc.0.falgs= is what you typed above twice. Make sure that 
> this is not misspelled in the device.hints file (it should be flags... 
> not falgs).
> 2. Try 0x28.
> 3. Read a thread from the archives in April 2005 entitled "Very slow 
> printing with stock FreeBSD5.3 + CUPS + Gimp-Print + HPDeskJet612C" ( 
> ). In there, they mention having to possibly remove a line and 
> possibly adding another one. They also mention some other drivers that 
> might work better for you.
> 4. Try going through lptcontrol. Chapter 9 of the FreeBSD Handbook 
> goes over this a bit. 
> I hope this helps. And, if anyone else has any ideas, please add 'em. 
> Good luck.

Looks like a pretty good list to me!

For parallel port printers, I always configure the parallel port in the 
BIOS to be either EPP or ECP (never really found out which is better or 
what difference it makes) and then set flags to 0x20 or ox28.


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