Kernel Core Dumping

Phil Schulz ph.schulz at
Wed Jun 15 10:46:28 GMT 2005

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> On Tuesday, 14 June 2005 at  5:53:58 -0700, J T wrote:
>>For some reason my machine keeps crashing almost every night at around
>>3:00am with the following test in the messages log file:
>>Jun 14 03:02:28 taco kernel: pid 7174 (sh), uid 0: exited on signal 11
>>(core dumped)
>>I decided to rm the file
>>'/usr/local/etc/cvsup/sup/src-all/checkouts.cvs:RELENG_5_3' just to
>>see if that fixed it. And it did, but why was it crashing the entire
> The message you see there has nothing directly to do with the crash of
> the system, though it may be an indication of hardware issues.  To
> find out, you'll need to take a processor dump and see what's going
> on.  Unfortunately, I can no longer find the instructions in the
> online handbook; does anybody else know where they are?

Not first the place a user will look for them but they're still there...



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