[Solved] How to disable > quoting of lines starting with From in email body?

John Brooks john at day-light.com
Tue Jun 14 20:19:50 GMT 2005

This is a function of the receiving MTA. mbox format inserts a line
at the beginning of each email in the form of:

>From <user at sending.mail> <date>

This serves as a message delimiter inside the flat text file format
of mbox. Your POP3 mail server needs these lines. Anyway, any time
another line within the headers or message body BEGINS with "From xxx..."
it will be prepended with a single ">" to preserve the validity of
the message delimiters.

This is easy to test. telnet to your mail server on port 25 and
manually deposit an email that has the following lines:

this is a test
From: hello
>From hello
see which will be prepended

This is an entirely distinct issue from the 'quoting' of previous
message bodies (as in below)

John Brooks
john at day-light.com

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> On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 02:28:45PM -0400, Bart Silverstrim wrote:
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> > On Jun 14, 2005, at 2:17 PM, Danny MacMillan wrote:
> >
> > >It turns out that when I send the same email both to freebsd-test@
> > >and directly to the account I have subscribed to that list, the
> > >mail delivered via the list has the From line quoting and the other
> > >one doesn't.  So it looks like the list is actually sending the
> > >From lines quoted over the wire and my FreeBSD configuration is
> > >okay.  Most of the mail I read on this box is list traffic so
> > >I didn't notice.
> >
> > On this list?  I forget what it's called now, but qualcomm had a method
> > of quoting messages so that email would be indented properly on very
> > small displays, and it's a format that Mail.app uses in quoting
> > things...and I don't have the ">", but rather colored lines showing
.... snip .....

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