WebCam support in FreeBSD

Yuri yuri at
Tue Jun 14 15:52:16 GMT 2005

>For the original message poster:  Depending on what you want to do, you 
>can use a digital camera with an AV out port and a TV tuner card to 
>show the image in fxtv and gnome-meeting.  I wouldn't know how to 
>stream the image to a web page; but gnome-meeting accepted the TV tuner 
>card as an image source device.  Also, if you just want to monitor the 
>room remotely, you could forward fxtv and X over ssh.  (Caveat:  I 
>haven't messed with this in a long time; so YMMV with newer versions of 
>drivers and ports.)
>Good luck; and have fun!
>Andrew Gould
Thanx for the answers.

I am expecting to see that OS should define some standard
how all video input devices and their users interact with OS.

What really exists is that gnome-meeting understands fxtv,
there's also pwc_bsd that can capture video but doesn't
interact with gnome-meeting.

My question is really: are there plans to implement single
standard on video devices so that it becomes independent of
individual devices or individual users and all of them can
interact with all.

Linux went this way using /dev/xxx + some set of ioctls to
Why doesn't FreeBSD just adopt the same approach ?
And port existing webcam drivers to FreeBSD.


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