install freebsd with usb keyboard

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Tue Jun 14 15:34:10 GMT 2005

--On Monday, June 13, 2005 22:16:38 -0700 Kan Cai <kan.cai at> wrote:

> Hi, Paul:
>   Thanks for the reply, but it didn't work. I tried 3 keyboards and 2
> FreeBSD releases (5.2.1, and 5.3R1). The combination of logitech keyboard
> with 5.2.1 does highlight the keymap option in sysinstall menu, but that
> is how far it goes. The keyboard stops working so that I cannot press
> "space", "tab" or "enter".
I'm not sure I explained myself clearly.  Let's try again.

***During the boot process***** before you ever get to sysinstall, when the 
daemon shows up on the screen and you're given a menu with several options, 
if you look closely, option seven (7) must be chosen to use a usb keyboard 
**during the install**.

If you're waiting until the sysinstall appears, that's way too late.  You 
need to chose option 7 before the kernel even loads, almost immediately 
after the system boots.

If you *are* doing that and the keyboards aren't working anyway, then I 
have no idea what the problem might be.

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