Rewinding tapes

Nagilum freebsd at
Sun Jun 12 09:17:24 GMT 2005

Jonathan Belson wrote:

> Hiya
> I've written a small script that backs up data to a tape, rewinds it, 
> then reads back the data that was stored as a test.
> The problem I've run into is that 'mt rewind' is asynchronous, and 
> subsequent tape operations will fail until the rewind operation has 
> finished.
> Is there a way to find out when the tape has finished rewinding, or at 
> least to rewind synchronously?  The drive is an ATA Seagate STT2401A.
> Cheers,

Hi Jon,

How about simply accessing the rewinding version of the device? (e.g. 
/dev/st0 instead of /dev/nst0)

Kind regards,


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