wrap sshd

Vladimir Dvorak dvorakv at vdsoft.org
Sat Jun 11 16:07:43 GMT 2005

Osmany Guirola Cruz wrote:

> i am trying to restrict the ssh access to my machine from a specific
>machine and i am using hosts.allow but does not wor for me this is
>my /etc/hosts.allow file
>sshd : capella.cigb.edu.cu : deny
>then i restart the sshd daemon and doe not work i still have access from
>this machine ...
You have better to deny everything and allow several certain hosts or networks. It is much more secure schema, than have tone of records of bad guy`s hosts in your tcp-wrappers config file.

But I admit, that in some cases sense of your question is relevant. But I am not sure in which cases ? :-)

Vladimir Dvorak

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