WG311v2 and ndis in hostap mode

Luke St.Clair run_faster at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 10 22:25:06 GMT 2005

I've got a wg311v2 card that i'd like to configure as a wireless access 

I was able to get the card to come up, and ping it, by doing the following 

I made the ndis and if_ndis modules (with the WinXP drivers included on the 
disk), and got the card to come up after copying the firmware on the disk to 

However, when i try to put it in hostap mode via:

sudo ifconfig ndis0 ssid newrouter channel 11 media DS/11Mbps mediaopt 
hostap up stationname "my_name" - i get a media is not configured error.

Can this card even be put in hostap mode under the ndis modules?  If so, is 
there a step i'm missing?

Also, how can i remove modules installed via: cd /sys/modules/ndis; make; 
make install?  Just delete ndis.ko from /boot/kernel?


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