error when trying to install mysql 4.1.12.

Christian Astrup Bakke christian at
Sat Jun 11 10:02:34 GMT 2005

Julien Gabel wrote:
>>>I upgraded to version 4.1.12 on RELENG_5 without problem.  Just a
>>>thought: what about using GNU readline?
>>readline-5.0 was installed via ports when i installed 4.1.11 some time
>>ago. i guess this is the port you are referring to.
> Yes it is, in particular since i saw this post yesterday at:
> It seems not to be the case here, though.
> Maybe can you try to upgrade it one more time with a fresh ports tree,
> using the -r and -R options of portupgrade just to try to reinstall all
> those packages depending on and required by mysql41-server?

since i uninstalled mysql yesterday, i would presume i'm not able to 
upgrade or such using portupgrade. too bad i deinstalled it before 
trying with -R option (i only tried -arv).

i'll try installing it with WITH_LINUXTHREADS=yes USE_GNU_READLINE=yes 
together just for the fun of it.

-- christian at asba dot no

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