SATA RAID Controllers anyone have experience with any of these?

Keith Bottner keith at
Thu Jun 9 19:40:48 GMT 2005

If anyone has had any experience with any of the SATA RAID controllers below
I would be interested. Not just whether you got them working but also if the
performance is what you expected and how feature rich they are. Anybody out
there dual booting FreeBSD with Windows or Linux and using any of these
controllers? What RAID level are you using?
Thanks for everyone's input as hardware feedback tends to be the hardest
thing to find for FreeBSD, any hey if there is an SATA RAID controller that
you absolutely swear by then by all means please let me know.
Here's the immediate list I am considering but as I mentioned above please
feel free to add your favorite.
MegaRAID SATA-6 (0,1,5,10,50)
AMCC 3Ware 8506-4LP (0,1,10,5,JBOD)
RocketRAID 1640 (0,1,10,5,JBOD) - had downloadable drivers and utilities for
FreeBSD on their site
LSI Logic 150-6 RAID (0,1,5,10,50)
Thanks in advance for your input,

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