portupgrade, automake14 -> automake19

Tony Shadwick tshadwick at goinet.com
Thu Jun 9 16:14:14 GMT 2005

No, I was referring to the fact that I ran portupgrade on automake14 and 
it complains and says that it is deprecated and strongly encourages using 
automake19 instead.  I was curious if I just deleted the automake14 port 
and installed automake19 if I would be wreaking havoc on my dependencies 
in other ports.

On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

> On 2005-06-09 11:01, Tony Shadwick <tshadwick at goinet.com> wrote:
>> Could someone give me a quick hint on switching from automake14 to
>> automake19 using the ports tree without wreaking total havock on
>> dependencies? :)
> If you are asking what portupgrade will do with the installed ports,
> then there's nothing to worry about.  Just run portupgrade -a and it
> will take care of building the necessary auto* ports too.
> If you are using automake14 in software you write or build yourself
> outside of the Ports tree, don't.  For an example of what may go wrong,
> see the misc/81558 problem report:
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=81558

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