Very Dissapointed

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Jun 9 12:59:25 GMT 2005

On Jun 9, 2005, at 8:39 AM, Lane wrote:
> As you can see, comparison with MS is not likely to get you any 
> constructive
> input :)  Sorry, that's the nature of the BSD!

Ya' think?

Is it EVER effective to basically say "I'm used to X, Y is different 
and I'm not used to it, so Y sucks?"  Surprise!  Other people that do 
use Y and have the contrary opinion may seem a little less likely to 
help ya' out if the attitude that is conveyed comes off as "I'm not so 
sure of this, I don't like what I've seen so far, so I'm only 
halfheartedly trying...the stuff I'm used to takes less effort and less 
thinking to use..."  I'm not surprised one of the first responses was 

All he really needed to do was email out saying what he's tried, what 
he's found, and what he's trying to achieve, then ask if anyone's tried 
it and has had success with it and if so ask if they could help him 
out.  I would think that would have been slightly more effective in 
eliciting a response from people.

Just ranting here.  Friday's coming up soon :-)

> I don't know the concept "transparent proxy."   Hopefully you will 
> discover
> how that works as you build your firewall :)

I think a transparent proxy is a proxy that your users didn't know they 
were going through...their machines use it without any manual 
configuration to point to it, and usually they don't have a choice.

For us, we just did it by just having the DHCP server hand out the 
Squid/SquidGuard filter as the gateway address for the clients and the 
Squid/SquidGuard filter then does IP Forwarding to the "real" gateway 

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